Sunday 3 March 2019

March Sessions: Changes and Updates

A few changes to our upcoming March sessions - we are very excited for the talks ahead!

7 March, 5pm - 'The Art of Rhetoric?'

Robert Smith (University of York, Centre for Medieval Studies) on patristic language

Simon Crouch (University of York, Evangelium) on Aquinas and aesthetics 

28 March, 6pm  - 'The Art of Ministry, the Ministry of Art?' 

Marjorie Coughlan (Open University, York Art History Collaborations) on the art of Bishop Giles

Katherine Hinzman (University of Oxford, University of York) on the 'theology of art' of Edward Burne-Jones

These sessions will take place in the Upper Room of St. Wilfrid's York. Please contact Katherine Hinzman ( with any questions and for further details. 

After each session, we will convene in The Eagle and Child, High Petergate, for drinks, food and further discussion!

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